Introduction to 100 days of interview questions series!

Introduction to 100 days of interview questions series!

The tech world is currently buzzing with a lot of recruitment moves! So the chances are the majority of those who are reading this blog are either already actively looking for new opportunities or preparing to do so!

Preparing for an interview can be a bit hard! Especially when you are already working full-time. There may be a lot of things you want to prepare and yet have so little time and in the end, overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, we may end up binging Netflix instead. (Not me and I definitely didn't get hooked up on "The Office". lol)

So in order to reduce the complexity of this task, we need to reduce it to small actionable steps!

That's the reason for the inception of this blog series! We will be discussing 1 interview question a day from java/javascript/MySQL/ReactJS and possibly more, designed to be a short byte-sized content, which you can peep through every morning!

Hop in!